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Random Tour & Review . . . Bearly Rescued by Everleigh Clark

Bearly Rescued a Howls Romance.
A standalone book in the Mates of Bear Paw River Series
by Everleigh Clark.
Release Date: March 13, 2018


Isabella Werner – Wolf shifter. Princess. VegetarianPrisoner. She’s fighting for her life and her freedom.

Caleb Alexander – Bear shifter. Running from a haunted past…Undercover guard. His job is simple. Get the information so they can take down the assholes testing on shifters. There’s only one problem. His mate is one of the prisoners, and his bear is about to lose control…again.

Who rescues who?

My Review:
**4 stars**

These were some truly funny characters. Izzy is a vegetarian wolf...seriously!! I liked her character though. I was happy that she kept fighting. She was determined to be better than the spoiled little princess everyone saw her as. Although her running off when she did just proved everyone right.

Caleb was definitely a big teddy bear. He was dealing with some serious internal issues and I hate that he felt like he had to keep it all bottled up. He didn't let it stop him from being a sweetheart and he still fought to protect his kind.

I wish this book was longer. A really wanted to see the visit with her parents and that so-called BFF.

**I received an ARC and reviewed voluntarily.**


Stone laughed at something Izzy said. One of those smooth laughs that sounded completely cat like and almost sexual and purry.

A low growl emanated from Caleb’s chest. Stone was making himself a little too welcome and was sniffing around his mate. But you’re not going to accept her anyway, his bear responded, with a calculating sound in his voice.

We can't mate her. We’re not worthy, remember?

Yeah, well, Stone is a fine and worthy male. He’s an alpha from his own pack, he’s strong, intelligent, brave… his bear reasoned adding a tinge of sarcasm to his voice, and from what I can see, the females must think he’s pretty handsome. They can’t take their eyes off him.

What? He felt his fur rise on edge. …

“Mine!” He roared before surging into the kitchen and baring his fangs at the pretty boy tiger who was about to lose an eye. Or an arm. Or his dick if he showed any more fucking interest in his female!

All talking ceased and everyone gaped at him. Even Stone who was lazily grinning at him like a fricking cat who’d pissed in his shoes. “Did you have something to add to our conversation, bear? We would love to know your current take on whether technology simplifies life or makes it harder.”

“Both, depending on what you do with it. And I’m about two seconds away from shoving your tech up your ass if you don’t get away from my female right...now.”

About the Author:

Everleigh Clark is a pen name of a USA Today bestselling author who wanted to write some fun paranormal romance. She’s also a homeschooling mommy, crafter and choc-aholic.

When she’s not wrangling kittens, googling math help or cleaning up slime, she’s plotting and writing her next book. Her characters are fun, lovable and messy. Just like the characters in her real life.

Social Media Links https://www.facebook.com/EverleighClarkPNR/


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Random Review . . . Night of the Zandians by Renee Rose & Rebel West

The Zandians have taken back their planet. Now they need brides.

All human females have been assigned to mates. Yes, mates, multiple.
I've been given to three handsome males—cousins. Huge, purple, and horned, they act like they want to eat me for breakfast.
After what I've been through with previous slave masters, I don't know how I'll survive this. But I have to. It's adapt or be sent off-planet, which would mean my death, considering I'm wanted for murder.

My mates cannot find out I'm not able to reproduce. I need to keep my secret, figure out a way to survive, stay focused. But when the Zandian warriors claim me, they make me forget my past and scream with pleasure.
I can't let myself fall for them.
If they learn my secret, I'll lose more than my life.
I'll lose my heart.

My Review:

**4 stars**

So far, I've enjoyed all of the Zandian books. This one was no different. I loved the guys, especially Tarren. Something about him being the biggest and gruffest endeared him to me.

I was so sad that Riya lived with such fear. I kept thinking to myself, why hasn't Lamira told Zander how what he's saying may sound to some of the human females. It made the book more interesting, but I hated seeing her so scared, especially knowing that she'd lived her entire life in fear.

The pace of the story and all the suspense from not knowing how the guys would react to her secret, made for excellent entertainment and I was truly surprised by their reaction.

All in all, I enjoyed it and look forward to the next book based off of the sample left at the end of this one.

**I received an ARC and voluntarily reviewed.**


“Listen.” I pull my hands of out of theirs and place them on my hips. “You think you want me for your mate?” I look up at their handsome faces—their square jaws, smooth, hairless peachy-purple skin. Hungry eyes.

Three pairs of horns lean in my direction. Three males nod.
I shake my head. “I’m not the being you want. I won’t make a good mate.”

“Veck that,” Jax says immediately. “You’re ours.”

I take a step back and my ass hits the wall. The three of them advance on me. “Y-you don’t even know me. You don’t know anything about me.” I hate how much higher my voice sounds.

“I know you.” It’s Tarren who speaks this time, even though he’s usually the silent one. “I know you’re brave and stubborn.”

I’m stunned momentarily by this observation. They’re the last words I expected from his mouth. 

“I know you’re sensitive, despite your tough act. You care deeply for the beings around you, regardless of their species. You risked your life to save others during the battle.”
My breath stalls in my chest. Tarren’s gaze locks on mine and he pins me with it, right to the wall. He takes a step closer.

“So did you.” My voice is hoarse.

My whole life I’ve been a barcode. I had human friends, yes, but I’ve never been seen as anything but a commodity. 

I thought that’s how Tarren and his cousins saw me, too.
Tarren lowers his voice and dips his head, bringing his sensual lips toward me until they hover just a whisper from my temple. “I know you blush when you think about me claiming you.”

My panties dampen, pussy clenching at his words—at the heat of his skin, so close to mine. “I know the way your ass fills my palms.”

I bite my lips to keep in the gasp. My buttocks clench, as if to remind me of how it felt to have him cupping my cheeks.

“I know the scent of your arousal.” His gaze trails down to my breasts, where my nipples protrude through the fabric of my tunic. “I smell it now.”
I can’t hold back the tiny whimper that escapes my lips. I squeeze my quaking thighs together to alleviate the throb of my clit.

Ronan drags the hem of my tunic up slowly, as if I won’t notice. When I try to bat his hand away, he just grins. It’s an impish smile, one that puts me at ease, despite the audacity of his movements. “I just have to see your panties.” He winks. “Just a peek, Riya?”

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Random Release . . . Mister Cowboy by Rebecca Jenshak

Title: Mister Cowboy
Author: Rebecca Jenshak
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 8

He’s a dirty-talking CEO with the heart of a cowboy.

He’s a dirty-talking CEO with the heart of a cowboy.
Brecken Blackstone is not a cowboy. The bristly CEO has finally made a name for himself, trading boots for expensive suits, and the country landscape for a high rise in the city. When he inherits the family ranch, he’s eager to sell and be rid of it and the memories that haunt him.
January Lyle isn’t interested in another rich, boring suit, but from the moment she met Brecken, it’s clear he’s different. Hired to organize and prepare Blackstone Ranch to be sold, January wonders if she’s in over her head – with the large estate and the sexy man who owns it.

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Her eyes fluttered open, and she peered up at him, chin resting on his chest.

“Hi,” she said timidly.
Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled, pinning her underneath him. He wanted to wipe that unsure expression off her face. It threatened to destroy him.
“Good morning. Can we get a ruling on the field?”
Her brows furrowed, and the corners of her eyes crinkled. “What?”
“Last night, you called time out. A flag was thrown on the play, and I’m demanding time to be added back to the clock.”
She covered her face with both hands. “Oh my God. I’m so embarrassed.”
“I had no idea you were such a sports fan, but you threw that T like you had done it before. Volleyball? Football? Oh, please tell me you’re into that whole women’s lingerie football and all my dreams just came true.”
She dropped her hands and smiled up at him. “Lingerie Football League? Seriously? That’s what you think I do in my spare time?”
“A man can hope.” His dick twitched just picturing her in a pair of pads and… well, nothing else.
She rolled her eyes. “I played basketball. I was tall—coaches loved me.”
“Correction. You are tall.”
“So, into the technicalities this morning.”
“Sexual frustration.” He let his weight fall on her fully and ground his hardness against her. “It does crazy things to a man.”

Rebecca lives in Arizona with her husband and children. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, going to the movie theater, and binge-watching Netflix.
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Random Release & Review . . . Night of the Wild Stag by Golden Angel


THE HERD IS HERE!!! Night of the Wild Stags by Golden Angel is LIVE!
Let your shifter fan run free with this delicious reverse harem romance.



Kiara Arrio is on the run and dying when four tall, dark, and gorgeous strangers find her in a crumpled heap along the road to the hospital she was desperately trying to reach. The small herd of stag shifters are immediately drawn to the injured woman, taking over her care as she recovers from her illness. They're entranced by Kiara's strength, her sass, and her sweetness, and do their best to woo her, hoping to claim her for their own. There's just one problem: Kiara already has a mate. And she certainly didn't run away from one only to find herself with four more.
Night of the Wild Stags is a steamy standalone shifter Reverse Harem Romance, HEA guaranteed, set in Golden Angel's Big Bad Bunnies world. It is not part of the BBB main story line and it is not necessary to read the BBB series in order to read this book.

My Review:

**4 stars**

This was my first interaction with this author and as far as first impressions go, nailed it. 

I absolutely adored the guys in this book. They were funny, sweet, protective, and definitely not bad on the eyes. I liked that they each had their own personalities and they didn't just blend into one guy. I also never thought I'd be interested in stag shifters. For some strange reason, the title just didn't click in my mind that they would literally be stags. I had a moment, sue me! They were by far the best part about the book.

Kiara's character was one of those ones that I liked, but I probably could just as soon forget about. Not that she was boring or lacked definition; I just didn't connect too deeply with her. I'd never heard of her type of deer, so kudos to the author for making me intrigued enough to research.

The one thing I didn't like about the book was the climax. It was way too neat and clean. I didn't even get to see Riley in action and that was truly a shame. I felt cheated. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book and will most definitely get the other books that referenced the secondary characters (especially Eli *WTF is he??* and hopefully Dr. Tran). I would recommend this book to others and look forward to more from this author.

**I received an ARC and reviewed voluntarily.**

Fantasy Landscape. Mysterious Old Forest

About Angel

Angel is a self-described bibliophile with a "kinky" bent who loves to write stories for the characters in her head. If she didn't get them out, she's pretty sure she'd go just a little crazy. She is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry. She believes the world is a better place when there's a little magic in it.
Find Angel Online! Amazon → http://amzn.to/2DplX3X BookBub → http://bit.ly/2G68e3O Goodreads → http://bit.ly/2rt4rdL Facebook → http://bit.ly/2Ds7c0e Website → http://www.goldenangel.website

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Random Review . . . His Human Possession by Renee Rose

His Human Possession

An Alien Warrior Romance

He doesn’t want her to offer. 
He prefers to take. Demand. Conquer. 

Leti only intended to seduce the alien warrior. Because the game was to survive. 
Ingratiate herself to a new master. 

She never thought she’d fall for the giant horned warrior who rescued her from slavery. 
But it’s easy to make him lose control. All she has to do is tempt him, and his need to master her takes over. 

Paal's species battle to take back their planet. 
All of their futures dangle by a thread. 

Leti and Paal should cling together as they fight for freedom, but her every seduction drives a wedge between them. And when he learns her secret, it just may be the end. 

My Review
**4 stars**

This is the story of Leti and Paal and I think that just as with the others in the series, Renee Rose did a great job telling it.

Leti has a defense mechanism that makes Paal want to avoid her, but at the same time he can't truly stay away from her. I think they were perfect for each other and satisfied needs that both of them wanted to deny having. Leti was a very sweet person who had been hurt and abused and instead of understanding that Paal said and did things that hurt her as well. I liked both of their characters and was happy with the way things turned out.

I also enjoyed getting a glimpse at all the other characters and how they played a part in all the attacks (Girl Power!!). I think this was supposed to be the conclusion to the series or maybe it was just the conclusion to the war, but there is already another book set to come out and I look forward to it. 

While this wasn't my favorite among the series, it was enjoyable and I would recommend it to others.

**I received an ARC and reviewed voluntarily.**